Refer and Earn

1. Click on Register. Fill in the details.
2. After registration, check your PROFILE- a discount code will be generated on registration.
3. Send the code to a friend and earn a 10% discount on your purchase after he/she makes a purchase using the code.
4. Your friend who registers and uses your discount code also gets a 10% discount on purchase.
5. You can send the code to as many people as you like. For every person who registers and uses your code for purchase, you earn a 10% discount. For example, if 10 friends have registered and used your code to purchase on the website, you will get a 10% discount on each of your next 10 purchases.( your friend can also earn discounts like you, if he/she also shares his/her discount code)
6. Details of people who have used your Discount code can be seen in your profile.

Email us at for any clarification. Please mention your name and number. We will get back to you.

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