Wizard : The continuous withering system

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For the first time in Tea Processing, a Continuous Withering System has been introduced with great success by T & I GLOBAL LTD, INDIA.

System consists of Continuous Chemical Withering (CCW) and Physical Withering Machines(CPW)and has transformed tea manufacture from batch to continuous process.

Mr. Bob Gray, heading Research and Development at James Finlay, Kenya is the brains behind conceptualizing thisunique system. Mr. Gray has travelled the Tea Growing parts of the world extensively and interacted with various tea owners/planters and understood the varying with-ering requirements.

Under patenting, T&I Global is the sole authorised company to design, manufacture and supply the withering systems world over.

At an interactive presentation in Kolkata recently Mr. Gray and Mc Vineet Bagaria, Managing Director of T & I Global Ltd. explained the technical features and distinct advantages overconventional trough withering:

  • Consistent and Uniform Withering
  • 60% Power reduction, 90% labour reduced
  • 80% less factory areafor similar withering capacity
  • Automatic shuffling and spreading with ZERO leaf damage.
  • Trouble free conveyorised system with single point monitoring.
  • Sturdy robust construction and Simple and easy to operate.

Since its launch 3 years ago, more than thirty units are in operation in Kenya, Uganda, Malawi, China, India, etc with several more under supplies and commissioning. A truly remarkable system presented timely to the Tea Industry ensuring consistent withering and quality production, with the industry buck-ling under the onslaught of high production costs and acute worker shortage. Surely a must for every tea processing unit.