Tea Prices gain at Coonoor auction

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At least 88 percent of teas on offer got sold at the first auctions of the Coonoor Tea Trade Association last week. Some 13.72 lakh Kg were on offer and average prices were up Rs 3 a Kg.

Darmona Tea’s Red Dust fetched Rs 216 a Kg the highest price among all CTC teas. Their Pekoe Dust fetched Rs 210 A Kg.

Homedale Tea factory’s tea auctioned by Global Tea Brokers, created record by being the only other CTC tea which crossed the Rs 200-a-Kg mark-Red Dust fetched Rs 215 and Pekoe Udst got Rs 201.

In all. 104 Marks got Rs 125 and more.

Chamraj topped orthodox market at Rs 216 a Kg, followed by Kairbetta Rs 240, Havukal Rs 237, kodanad Rs 222, High-field Estate Rs 210, Mailoor Estate Premium and prammas Rs 207 each Corsley Rs 200 in all, 44 Marks got rs 125 and more per Kg.

Quoations held by brokers indicated bids ranging Rs 40-44 a Kg for plain leaf grades and Rs 90-160 for brighter liquoring sorts. They ranged Rs 42-50 for plain dusts and Rs 120-190 for brigher liquoring dusts.

“The opening auction posed promising outlook for 2015 with improvement in quality of winter tea and buyers showing keener interest to bid.” Ravichandran Broos, General Manager, Parampunt Tea Marketing, said.