Maroon 3 jar pack

Maroon 3 jar pack

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The Queen of all teas is definitely the Darjeeling. In 1841, Archibald Campbell, who was working for the East India Company, tried planting some tea seeds in their Summer Getaway of Darjeeling. The British were trying to get a source of teas outside China, so as to break their monopoly of the tea trade. The success of growing tea in Darjeeling helped break this monopoly. We offer a taste of teas made in these misty mountains in the Darjeeling Leaf Tea pack. This variety of tea has a registered
Geographical Indication (GI)

Chai or Masala Tea is what drives us in the Indian sub-continent. After much experimentation, we have got a blend of tea and spices which you could call delicious! Subtle with the spices and flavoury and strong with the tea. And all natural products- no flavours added.

The strong flavoury Assam CTC and the aromatic Vanilla makes for a blend of tea which is refreshing and delights the senses. We offer you this rare blend- all natural.

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