How tea was started in India

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The Singpho chieftain Raja Bisa Bom met a trader Robert Bruce in 1823 at Sadiya a small trading town in Upper Assam. He mentioned in passing about the tea trees that grew wild in Bisa villages. Robert Bruce, ever the opportunist, vis-a-vis the world’s heavy dependence on Chinese Tea, made an irresistible offer to the chieftain. A musical snuff box, a single shot flint lock pistol and some British apparel in exchange for tea seeds and saplings! As things panned out, Robert Bruce could not visit the Singphos again, so it fell on his brother Charles Alexander Bruce, in the midst of Military duty five years later, to execute the promised barter. Thus was born the tea industry in India! – as told by the present chieftain, Bisa Lat Nong, a direct descendant of Raja Bisa Bom.

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