Dry spell casts gloom on Barak tea production

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Adverse weather conditions across Barak Valley have affected tea production, according to a press-release of India Tea Association here. The tea production for the second year in succession is under severe stress due to dry conditions resulting in droughty spell prevailing not only in tea areas of this valley but also of Assam and West Bengal. This phenomenon was visible in early 2014 resulting in Indian tea production closing at a shortfall of 15 mkgs lower as compared the previous year.

The production in Assam valley had been badly affected in 2014 and the production of tea declined by mkgs in comparison with 2013. The rainfall records available for the period from January to mid March 2015 reflect significant shortfall compared to 2014 which it was a rainfall deficit year. It is clear from this data with particular reference this valley, The rainfall deficit in this region is estimated at 59% below last :year.

And as per estimates, production for the period January to mid, March.2015 Would decline by approximately 5.85 mkgs as compared to the previous year. The present conditions characterized by deficient and inadequately distributed rainfall, high mean temperature and severe pest infestation Would lead to significant decline in output and increase in cost of production adversely impacting turnover and operating margins.

A prolonged dry spell has badly hit tea gardens across Barak Valley. It comes through clearly in this photograph of a tea garden in the Katigorah area of Cachar. (Sentinel)