CTC teas

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CTC teas: Originally only orthodox tea was manufactured. CTC came into being as late as 1960s, vis-à-vis Orthodox, which has been around since 1839! CTC is an acronym of the initial process “Cut-Tear-Curl/Crush” (Some call it curl; others-crush. You take your pick) where the tea is passed through 3 sets of rollers to make the “dana’dar” tea we hear so much about. The later processes are the same but fermenting time for CTC is lesser. Here also there are about 15 grades. Passing the teas, through aluminum meshes, the “dryer mouth” (the unsorted tea that is got from the last stage of tea manufacture- drying) is sorted into various grades.

Features: Strong, full bodied teas. Preference in India is with milk and sugar. The Indian market is about 95% CTC. Higher cuppage ( 1 kg of CTC makes about 400-500 cups of tea while orthodox will make around 150-200).

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