CTC dust tea sees demand at kochi sale

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Dry weather continues to affect arrivals of tea at the Kochi auctions. CTC dust witnessed a good demand and 90 per cent on offer got sold last week.

At sale no. 8, the quantity on offer was 9,66,000 kg, low compared with last week. The teas which came under the selection of AVT were firm to dearer, in line with quality.

Others were irregular and lower. However, the bottom of the market moved up in value.

In the orthodox grades, the quantity on offer was 11,500 kg. The market for primary grades ruled steady. Exporters and upcountry buyers bought in equal measure.

In Cochin CTC dust quotation, good varieties were quoted at T90-154, mediums fetched Rs 75-114, while plain grades stood at Rs 65-78. The leaf sale also registered a major drop in arrivals with orthodox grades quoting 40,000 kg for offer.

With a good demand, the market for select best Nilgiri Brokens, whole leaf was firm to dearer. Fannings appreciated in value and were absorbed by exporters and upcountry buyers.

In CTC leaf, the quantity on offer was also low at 1,00,000 kg. The market for bolder brokens and fannings was firm to dearer. Smaller Brokens were irregular and lower, witnessing some withdrawals.

In dust grades, Injipara (Prm) SFD quoted the best prices of Rs 157 followed by Monica SFD at Rs 152. In the leaf category, both Chamraj FOP and Chamraj OP fetched the best prices of Rs 351 each followed by P’s Woodlands Hyson Green Tea at Rs 325.