Arpita Agro: Ek cup chai ho jaye – JOR laga ke

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Joydeep Majumder Managing Director Arpita Agra Products (P) Ltd.

Whether happy, stressed or catching up with friends, – tea seems to be a favourite drink of most people in India. India is one of the largest producers of tea and a large consumer of it. It is a beverage that is liked and consumed throughout the country where it has a special place in the hearts of all Indians. The appreciation of tea is not limited to India only.

People understand and accept the benefits of a cup of tea all over the world and a large number of people are turning to tea as a healthy beverage.

Arpita Agro Products Pvt. Limited (AAPPL) was established in 1992 in Kolkata in order to create viable alternative products to substitute or replace toxic products.

Our range of products includes home care, personal care and agricultural products. These products are effective and natural substitutes for commonly available toxic counterpart which are hazardous for health and ‘ environment.

All products of Arpita Agro Products are herbal, bio-degradable, non-toxic and safe for all. Starting from Nimyle, an anti insect floor swipe to Nimit, an anti insect spray, the nimglo neem soap to Nimgreen, a herbal agricultural pest repellant all products are a safer and organic alternative to the chemical counterparts available in the market.

AAPPL has now entered the Food & Beverage segment with JOR Kadak CTC Tea. Strong and flavorful, JOR Tea is Assam CTC tea at its best. Adhering to our dedication to providing quality products, JOR is blended by tea experts.

JOR Tea is a premium quality CTC, at a pocket-friendly price. JOR, is a special blend of selected CTC and orthodox teas from Assam and the Highlands. It has a strong, malty flavor with a vibrant reddish color and is characterized by beautiful flavor, body and strength.

The brew is refreshing and energizing, with a freshness and flavor that is unmatchable in any tea of this price category. JOR Tea is all about strength and revitalization. It is available in packs of 25 gms, and 250 gms at Rs.10 and Rs.80 respectively. A combi pack of 100 gms (4 x 25gms) is also available at Rs.30 only.